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"Ori’s dreidel"

מיזם הסביבון של אורי 2023

Why A Spinning Top?

Ori’s transitional object was a spinning top. All year round he was surrounded by spinning tops, and that’s why the project “Ori’s Spinning Top” was born.

Every year around Hanukkah, the Ori Fund makes thousands of lovely, wooden spinning tops. (Four-sided spinning tops are played with during this traditional Jewish holiday.) With the help of hundreds of our volunteers and large Israeli business enterprises, we head out to distribute the spinning tops at about 250 venues around the country – retirement homes, Holocaust survivor centers, centers for children with special needs, boarding schools, hospitals and more.


Through the spinning top we can relate to one another, give love, make people happy and thanks to it, we can spread lots of light.


“Ori’s Spinning Tops” include a set of five designed tops together with “Things That Ori Loved” – butterflies, the sea, stars, geometric shapes and music – designed by Michal Pickel Sagi.

Every year we design new sets of spinning tops keeping in mind renewal and rejoicing.

We designed the “Pass It Forward” spinning top with the idea that people might “pass the light” on and expand the circles of giving and of festive joy.

תעביר את זה הלאה

Artists’ Special Set

In Hanukkah 2019 we asked artists from around the country to design for us personal spinning tops based on the feelings that Ori’s Story aroused in them.


Dozens of artists joined the project, among them Shlomit Cohen-Asif –  poet and children’s author, Tamar Shilo –  artist and painter, Sharona Efrat –  multifaceted artist, Sivan Lahav –  graphic designer, Ofra Ron Mazor – photographer and product designer, Carmit Haller – visual designer, Lena Telman – industrial designer, Mirit Reuveni – iron artist, Bechor Bar-Tur – graphic designer, Alon Casif – photographer, Ayelet Dayan Shwartz – Artist, and others.


This artistic joint project created the Artists’ Special Set which can be purchased from us.

מארז אמנים

The Light Spreaders

Last year (2020), the COVID year, we looked for another way to rejoice with and warm people’s hearts around the country. The Light Spreaders set was created for us by the graphic designer Bechor Bar-Tur.

Our spinning tops can be purchased all year round.


Each purchase is a donation to the Ori Fund, which enables us to increase public awareness of rare mitochondrial diseases and promote the Ori Fund activities and projects.


Through the spinning top we can relate to one another, give love and make people happy


Ravit +972-50-790-8430


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