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Social Benefits

Social Benefits for Disabled Children:

The National Insurance Institute of Israel acknowledges the burden of caring for a disabled child with a severe deficiency, and helps the family cope with the expenses involved in bringing up the child, and as much as possible enables the family to lead a satisfactory way of life while caring for the child at home and in the community.

What is the application process for receiving social benefits for a disabled child?

The process begins by completing the application form and attaching medical records concerning your child’s condition in the past year.

The eligibility for social benefits is determined according to the effect the disability has on your child’s daily functioning.

You may request that the National Insurance Institute give their approval based on the medical records alone, without having to appear before the committee. This decision is at the Institute’s sole discretion.

Make sure to keep a copy of your request. Within two months you should receive a summons to appear before the medical committee. Please note that the National Insurance Institute may grant the social benefits retroactively for the past year only. It is therefore advisable to submit the claim once the diagnosis is given.


Preparing for the medical committee:

At the committee you will be seen by a doctor and a secretary who will write down the medical examination and what you report. The doctor will compare your child’s functioning to other children of their age group. Please bring with you any essential aids and equipment that the child uses and needs for their daily functioning.

The doctor will ask you a number of questions regarding your child’s condition. It is advisable to come prepared and write down beforehand important points that you wish to emphasize concerning your child’s functioning, their medical needs and the difficulties in their upbringing. You may request to speak to the doctor without the child being present.

It is advisable to come to the committee with all the medical records that you submitted to the National Insurance Institute, and any current documents you might have.

The committee secretary will write down a detailed report and you will be asked to sign it. Please make sure, before you sign the report, that it includes everything that you reported. If anything was overlooked, please call this to the secretary’s attention.

The committee’s decision should be received after approximately two months. If your request should be rejected, you may ask for our assistance in filing an appeal.


Important point:

If you think that your child’s illness or disability is a consequence of negligence during pregnancy or birth, it is advisable to receive counsel in order to assess the feasibility of receiving indemnification for this negligence.

It is essential to keep in mind that the statute of limitations for medical negligence in pregnancy has been significantly reduced in the past years from 25 years to 7 years only.


This information was written by attorney Adi Braverman, who specializes in bodily harm and medical negligence. (translated by Eric Bymel)  Dror Abargil-Braverman, Law Firm

Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

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